Mohr Engineering initiated the Response to Underwater Pipeline Emergencies program (RUPE), in 1978 to minimize the costly downtime usually associated with pipeline repairs. RUPE is composed of a consortium of 31 oil and gas transmission companies, and is administered by Mohr Engineering to provide 24-hour emergency availability to the essential repair devices, but does not perform the actual repair. The consortium remains open for participation, and fees are based on size/miles of line dedicated to the program.

Under the RUPE program, the equipment necessary to make offshore pipeline repairs is procured and then placed in storage until an emergency situation arises. The program is tailored so that sufficient equipment is in RUPEís inventory to handle two spool piece repairs on almost every size pipeline and generally two repair clamps for virtually every size line. When a pipeline is damaged, the repair connectors/clamps are shipped by MOHR to the Participantís designated destination at the Participants expense; the participant individually contracts for repair services.

For more information on the RUPE Repair Tool program,
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